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Author & IllustratorAuthor Michelle Forte and Family

Meet South Australia's own Michelle J Forte - author and illustrator of the 'Your Family" series of childrens books!

Michelle shares a beautiful family with her partner Tunde, and their son Elliott.

Michelle's passions in life include finding ways to express her inner artistic desires, which she does through various digital mediums, as well as expressing her feelings through writing, drawing and painting.

But above all, creating a happy family life has become her number one priority, ensuring that fun & laughter are an every-day part of life!

Doing it for love

Michelle wrote her first book, 'Loved By Two', for the benefit of their then one year old son, Elliott, and it soon became a sought after book by many families across Australia, and eventually World Wide!

As such, she decided to extend upon this and create the 'Your Family' series of books, that continues to grow today. Michelle has written this series for the benefit of children throughout the world so that they can learn about the wonderfully diverse families around the world!